Winter 2016/2017 Update

Oh man. I was sick for like three months so I didn't get nearly as much done as I had hoped. I managed to do a write up for AMD's Ryzen 7 announcement, and Nintendo finally revealed more for their crazy new Switch console.

On the video side things got... interesting for me. I happened across a segment of YouTube that opens Pokémon cards and products. I became certifiably addicted to watching them. I ended up buying a bunch of stuff myself and started making videos too.

Microsoft also had the surprise announcement at the end of the year of Windows 10 x86 emulation on ARM. The implications of this are huge, and I talked about it in a video.

Finally, I started using Android phones last year. The experience has been... interesting, for sure. I went ahead and reviewed the Nexus 5X, talking about both my problems with Android and the hardware of the 5X.